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Moonlighting trees in the garden creates an enchanting mood.Do you have areas of your yard that your flood lights simply cannot reach? Are your flood lights casting an intensely bright light upon the small area that they do reach? If you’re looking to add both security and safety to your property after dark, but want it displayed in a beautiful manner, then Memphis moonlighting outdoor lighting is the way to go! Imagine being able to relax anywhere in your yard, enjoying the subtle illumination being provided by elegant moonlighting.

deck and landscaping lighting Memphis TNMoonlighting gets its name from the way the illumination settles on to your property. It’s a subtle, not too harsh, supply of illumination provided from a fixture or fixtures placed above. This type of outdoor lighting is implemented by placing lighting fixtures roughly 30-35 feet up in the tree and having them shine down onto the ground surface. The lighting effect produced when the light shines through the branches and leaves is gorgeous; more importantly, not as harsh as normal floodlights can be.

PR-001What’s even more incredible is that your moonlighting can be extremely energy efficient. Through the utilization of low-voltage LED lighting fixtures that are powered by 12 volts, instead of the energy devouring 120 volt lights such as your floodlights, you will notice a pretty substantial energy savings. The moonlighting can be used as both a means of security lighting as well as a unique, elegant method of providing accent lighting to certain areas of your yard where it’s normally pitch black once the sun goes down. Our ability to create a design that coincides with your outdoor lighting goals and objectives is what separates us from other outdoor lighting companies in Memphis and surrounding areas.

pathway lighting Memphis TNTo see what moonlighting outdoor lighting can do for your Memphis home and landscape, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today at 901-854-7111 or 901-754-6111, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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