Outdoor Lighting As a Security System? You’d Be Surprised How Well it Works

When you think of a secure home, one that potential intruders would absolutely avoid, what do you envision? Do you picture a gate and windows with bars on them? Stopping short of that, outdoor [...]

New Year, New Projects. Don’t Forget About Your Memphis Home’s Outdoor Lighting.

Now that the holidays have passed and it’s a new year, homeowners everywhere are beginning to think about which projects they will undertake upon their home this year. While you may be [...]

Creating a Stunning Appearance on Your Memphis Home Just in Time for the Holidays and Beyond

The holiday season is officially underway with Thanksgiving taking place tomorrow. We hope you have your turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie all in order and ready to go. With all the stress that [...]

Looking to Save on Energy Costs and Have Longer Lasting Memphis Outdoor Lighting?

Do you currently have an outdoor lighting system that seems to be running up the electricity bill? Do the bulbs within it seem to last only a few years? Upgrading your current outdoor lighting [...]

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