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Memphis outdoor copper LED lighting fixture for use in small areas

Our new BB-02 stick light is as powerful as a spot light but fits in a much smaller space.

Your Memphis home is unique, personal, and stylish. You craft your own style, and the choices you make as a homeowner create a space that is not cookie cutter. It’s something special. Sometimes, typical just doesn’t work when it comes to the choices you make for home improvements, and sometimes typical doesn’t work with outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis has a new light that is very unique – the BB-02 LED stick light. This fixture is a floodlight and is used to cast dramatic uplighting. It is crafted from the highest quality copper, which over time will develop a fashionable, durable, inconspicuous patina finish. Available in different heights, the BB-02 is versatile and adaptable and may be one of the perfect fixtures for your distinct property or garden.


So why are we so excited about this fixture? The BB-02 is excellent for use in tight spaces. Though small, it emits powerful light that provides the best illumination. Despite its versatility and ability to be used in a variety of ways, this fixture was actually developed for landscape lighting. It is the perfect addition to a landscaped area rich with ground cover. Its powerful light provides beautiful illumination while the quickly developed patina finish will help the light blend into its surroundings.


LED slim stick  light from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

The new stick light is an LED light to help save you money.

Another reason, the BB-02 is an optimal choice is because it is an LED fixture. This means it is far more energy efficient than a traditional halogen light. All while shining with clear, natural light, the BB-02 will help keep more money in your wallet over the course of its lifetime. And because it is so energy efficient, it is easier on the environment too.


So is the BB-02 definitely for you? It’s possible. Our designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis will work with you to create the best lighting system for your unique home and gardens. We will show off your home’s best features, highlight your flowers and ornamental plants, and draw attention to the trees that give you shade and establish your property.


If you are ready to see how outdoor lighting can bring out the best in your one of a kind home, contact us today. We have many options, like the BB-02, that will increase your curb appeal, safety, and energy efficiency.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


John Bowers, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis



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