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outdoor LED lighting Memphis TN‘Tis the season to spruce up the house! The guests will be arriving soon. Clean sheets are on the bed, the good holiday towels are out, and you finally figured out how to get that one cobweb in the tip-top of the window. Everything is beginning to look right. It’s almost perfect. As you’re taking final inventory of what needs to be done, don’t forget to check your outdoor lighting. Are any bulbs burned out? Are any adjustments needed? Even if everything is working well, you may find yourself wanting more. What improvements need to be made to ensure your entryways, deck, and garden paths are illuminated and safe? If you started with a small outdoor lighting system, now may be time to make some new home magic by adding on.


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For many homeowners, outdoor lighting systems start small. Though some are able to completely illuminate their properties all at once, it is much more common for a homeowner to begin by lighting part of his/her property and make additions as months and years pass. By adding on over time, you reduce your up front costs, continually improve your property, give yourself time to determine your style and what you truly want out of your system, and also allow yourself time to make improvements to your home. If you start small and then build that dream deck, you’re able to light it accordingly without the hassle of ripping out old system components and fixtures.


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Now with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis’ high quality LED lighting, you have more upgrade options than ever before. Our LED bulbs are now indistinguishable from halogen bulbs. Unlike older versions, their color is identical, meaning they can be intermixed. For owners of halogen systems, this means we can add fixtures equipped with LEDs, which require less wattage per bulb. As a result, you can add more fixtures to your existing transformer than if you were adding halogen lights.


So what do you want out of your outdoor lighting system this season? Whether it is to ensure the beauty of your property and safety of your guests over the holidays or it is a gift to yourself or your spouse, an add-on can get your outdoor lighting system that much closer to perfect. Capture the magic light brings by contacting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today. We can help make your holidays bright.




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