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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis offers a wide variety of smart, stylish outdoor lighting solutions, whether you’re looking to light up the unique architectural features of your house, distinctive features your yard or other impressive highlights around your home.

Take a look at one of our most recent projects, and see for yourself how easy it is to improve your own home’s functionality, safety and appearance when you work with an expert to install outdoor lighting by the pool.


Outdoor lighting around your pool prevents guests from injuries


  • Safety: Every pool owner should install some kind of outdoor lighting around the water to help prevent guests and family members from sustaining dangerous injuries. Additionally, a well-lit pool is much less likely to be broken into by unwanted guests.
  • Functionality: You shouldn’t be limited to using your pool only during the day. Take advantage of even more relaxing time by the water when the sun goes down by creating a beautiful, resort-style area in your own backyard.
  • Beauty: It’s the most obvious benefit of installing outdoor lighting by the pool – you’ll take your already impressive home to the next level when an expert helps you highlight key features around the property.

Path lighting and accent lighting around the pool serves a number of important purposes. In addition to improving overall safety around the water, these Memphis homeowners can now squeeze many more hours out of their luxurious backyard. Outdoor lighting helps create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere ideal for hosting evening parties or just relaxing with family by the water.


Highlighting your landscaping around your pool area makes the space useable all night long.


A friendly expert from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can help you take full advantage of your backyard by pinpointing the best locations for accent lights, well lights and more. Check out how easy it was to highlight this home’s beautiful landscaping with just a few subtle accent lights. Call an expert today to find out how you can highlight your own impressive garden features, statues, water features and more with a few smart, simple outdoor lighting solutions.

The difference is night and day – Take your backyard to the next level when you schedule your free consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today.

John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

John Bowers, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis



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