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Memphis deck lighting keeps the party going.

Memphis deck lighting keeps the party going.

The sun can be such a party pooper, especially in the fall. It seems like your guests just have time to arrive after work and get settled in their chairs with their food and drinks when the sun starts to dip below the treeline. The lamp(s) the builder mounted on the side of the house never seem to give enough light to keep the easy fun of the evening going. A small investment in Memphis outdoor lighting can go a long way toward letting the good times roll as long as you like.


Energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting fixtures can be mounted almost anywhere that you want them. Many folks start with installing small ones around the edge of their porch, patio or deck, below eye level. These Memphis outdoor lighting fixtures let people see the whole area, but don’t glare in people’s faces. Their warm glow does an great job of helping everyone avoid tripping, especially around furniture, entries & exits, and on stairs.


Memphis gardens glow at night with outdoor lighting.

Memphis gardens glow at night with outdoor lighting.

Memphis landscape lighting shows off your yard’s most beautiful features and allows you to enjoy your plants, flowers and trees late into the evening. Lots of us don’t realize it, but gardens are often just as lovely at night–just in a different way. The colors change subtly and the shadows create interesting contrast. Trees that you don’t look at twice during the day can become a centerpiece of your view from the porch or patio. By lighting both the deck and the yard, you get to enjoy the whole yard, even after dark.


Even if your priority is making the most of your free time in your yard, you will find that your Memphis outdoor lighting has lots of great side benefits. When you pull up to your home late one evening, you’ll notice how pretty your home looks from the street. The lights also deter burglars and welcome guests. People who own well-lit homes don’t fumble in the dark for house keys! We’ll even make sure that your street number is lit so people who haven’t visited before will find you easily.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can create a custom landscape lighting design solution that fits your yard and the way you like to live and entertain in it. Whether that includes plenty of task lighting in the grill or outdoor kitchen area or a series of energy-efficient lighting fixtures so that you don’t compete with the last fireflies of summer, we have you covered. We want you and your guests to enjoy lingering outside as long as you want; Mr. Sun can go home early if he wants to.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


John Bowers
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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