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As we go through our busy season at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we are not only installing new custom designed outdoor lighting systems but also doing a lot of add-on’s to existing systems.  Typically when a client calls to add a couple of fixtures to their Memphis outdoor lighting system

Memphis outdoor lighting system additions

Adding on to your Memphis outdoor lighting system is easy

they ask about LEDs.  People are becoming more receptive to LEDs for their outdoor lighting because of the improvements in the color or “warmth” of the lighting effect that once was not there.  We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of LED outdoor lighting that include their energy-efficiencies, long lasting bulbs, lower maintenance costs, etc. but the questions always seems to go back to the comparison to traditional halogen systems.

Halogen outdoor lighting fixtures are still a good option for some homeowners but since your outdoor lighting system from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis is going to last for years and years, its also wise to research our technologically-advanced LEDs.  To help make that comparison a little easier, we’ve comprised a chart so you can see the advantages of each type of outdoor lighting.





Natural Quality of Light* Bulbs available from 2,800 – 7,500° on the Kelvin Temperature Scale. Bulbs rate at 3,000° on the Kelvin Color Temperature Scale.
Installation Costs Higher – the cost of LED components is a greater upfront investment. Lower – Quartz halogen is older technology with components that are easier to manufacture.
Type of Bulb Light emitting diode – not really a bulb at all. Tungsten filament bulb.
Longevity of Components Longer – Because LEDs don’t have filaments, they don’t “burn out” in the traditional sense. They last up to 10x longer than halogen and are cooler to operate, which is easier on wiring and the transformer as well. Shorter – Quartz halogen bulbs contain filaments that burn out and are very hot operators. This, in turn, puts greater stress on all system components.
Energy Operating Costs Lower – LED fixtures need less energy to output the same amount and quality of light. Energy costs associated with the system will be lower. Higher – Quartz halogen systems need energy to operate. Month to month energy costs associated with the system are higher than LED systems.
Maintenance Costs Lower– While components are initially higher; they are replaced less frequently because the components of an LED system have a longer life span. Higher– Bulbs will need to be replaced more frequently and other components may need more frequent maintenance too.

* 2,800-3,000° Kelvin is considered optimal for outdoor lighting.

You can see from the chart the comparison really comes down to LEDs having an higher initial cost but less expensive operating cost and longer life.  The best news is that our halogen fixtures and LEDs will achieve the same great look.  If you’re skeptical, take a look at our side by side comparison of halogen versus LED.

led-or-halogen Memphis outdoor lighting system

If you decide to go with a halogen system initially, don’t feel you are locked in to costly upgrades in the near future.  The fixtures Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis will install can actually be upgraded to LED down the line. We can even combine fixtures if you have an existing halogen system and want to add lighting on to another area.  Because the light effect is virtually indistinguishable, they two types of lighting blend beautifully.  And, because LEDs use less wattage, we can normally add the fixtures on to your existing transformer.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of MemphisIf you’re in the market for a Memphis outdoor lighting system, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis a call.  Our consultation is always free.  We can show you how your home, landscaping, pathways, decks, patios and the rest of your outdoor living spaces can be enhanced with beautiful outdoor lighting.


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