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The first weeks of the New Year can be a bittersweet time. We move from the cherished company of family and friends, laughter, and celebrations to a time when our guests depart and we remove all the reminders of the season. Many homeowners miss the way their home looks under the spell of holiday lighting. Not only do we miss the enchantment of the lights and the unique illumination they cast upon our home and landscape, we also miss the effects of the spot lights used to show off holiday décor.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis shows how outdoor lighting adds warmth to your home while highlighting your architectural features

The inevitable remedy to this feeling is adding outdoor lighting to your home and landscape.  Here are a few of the ways you can enjoy the aesthetic outdoor lighting provides.

  • Up lighting– up lighting can be used to accentuate your homes façade, elevation changes and unique architectural features. Up lighting will also add depth and texture to your home and landscape. The result of professional architectural and façade lighting produces the same magical feeling as a well-lit home under the influence of Christmas lighting; welcoming, warm and elegant.
  • Landscape lighting– professional landscape lighting will not only enhance your homes curb appeal, it will also provide a focal point of interest within your evening landscape. By highlighting choice specimens, or a group of individualized plantings your yard will come alive in the evening.
  • Tree lighting – professional tree lighting can come in many forms, and is the best way to add drama to the evening landscape. A combination of up lighting and down lighting can take an ordinary tree by day and make it extraordinary in the evening. Moon lighting is another unique tree lighting technique that mimics the appearance of natural moonlight. Moon lighting produces a hauntingly beautiful lighting effect casting a unique pattern within the tree that is lit, as well as the area below and surrounding the tree itself.
  • Path lighting – path lighting increases safety at night along the path that leads to your front door, but also provides much more. Professional path lighting can set the mood, and create a positive first impression for guests who arrive. Soft washes of light will enhance your foundation landscape plantings around your home’s exterior as well as the entrance to your home. Path lighting delivers a romantic illumination that promotes relaxation and well-being of feeling at ease with the surroundings.

These individual outdoor lighting elements stand out when used singularly, but contribute to a stunning outdoor lighting design when used together.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can create that memorable outdoor lighting design for your home and landscape.   Call us today to learn more about holding onto that same magic that holiday lighting brings.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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