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This time of year, it is traditional for people to look back on the year and consider what progress they’ve made. It is a way to move forward, relish our victories, and make note to avoid certain pitfalls. Most people in our society do this, and many make new year’s resolutions so they continue improving. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we like to take part in this tradition. So what were some of the highlights of Memphis outdoor lighting in 2013? They are highlights we’re proud of; that’s for certain.

LED outdoor lighting is currently indistinguishable from halogen and it's the greenest outdoor lighting available.

LED outdoor lighting is currently indistinguishable from halogen and it’s the greenest outdoor lighting available.


LED Outdoor Lighting.

2013 saw a substantial increase in the number of clients that are embracing LED outdoor lighting. We believe that this can be partly attributed to the more widespread use of LED lighting indoors. Now that people can see first hand the warm color and beauty of the newest, high quality LED bulbs, they are less hesitant than they once were to use it outdoors. It is true that LED has come a long way in recent years. If you are anticipating an annoying, cold light, you’ll quickly find the opposite to be true. You really can’t tell the difference between our outdoor LED lights and traditional halogen lights. In 2013, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis wrapped property after property in the most beautiful, natural outdoor lighting and to boot, it is environmentally friendly since LED is highly energy efficient. Many of our 2013 clients have chosen to install the greenest outdoor lighting available while creating stunning ambiance for their properties. Of this, we are certainly proud.


Morgreen Nursery Partnership.

This past year, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis entered into a partnership with Morgreen Nursery in Collierville. Our products are now featured in their showroom. There, you can see first hand how outdoor lighting creates stunning effects in the garden or other landscaping and explore possibilities for your property. Typically, successful design for a complex area like your property demands the collaboration of several experts. When our different expertise comes together, unforgettable outdoor experiences become reality. We are so very proud of this partnership and eagerly anticipate what it will bring in 2014.


Thank you to our clients who continue to let us create beautiful scenes like this!

Thank you to our clients who continue to let us create beautiful scenes like this!

The Very Best Clients.

Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Memphis is so very grateful to have the best clients. Day after day, month after month, and even year after year, you have given us the privilege of bringing your homes, gardens, and outdoor living spaces alive with light. From spilling pools of light into paths, to casting dramatic uplighting onto architecture, and to shining soft ambient light on decks, we take pleasure in creating atmosphere and mood. We are like painters, but our medium is light. You, our clients, make it possible for us to follow our passion and earn a living doing what we love.


So thank you, Memphis, for a fantastic 2013 and allowing us to do what we love best. In 2014, we resolve to create even better outdoor lighting for you than we did last year and to continue being your premier outdoor lighting company. If you have any outdoor lighting questions or needs, even right before the holidays, give us a call. Or if you simply want to extend holiday wishes, we would love to hear those too.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis wishes you the happiest holidays and a bright, shining New Year.



John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


John Bowers, Owner


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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