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LED outdoor lighting Memphis TNMany people here in Memphis are familiar with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives because of the phenomenally illuminated homes throughout the city. While it is our job to create the perfect design to make your home look its absolute best once the sun goes down, there are other practical applications of outdoor lighting that go into our design. Not only do we want your home to look like a work of art at night, but we also want to ensure your home is more secure as a result of outdoor lighting as well.

Memphis entrance lightingWhile the days are very short now, that will soon change. This is also the time when most people like to take advantage of the warmer weather and stay out a little longer. Arriving home to a completely dark driveway can be a little unnerving. Not only can you see nothing, which breeds anxious thoughts, but there are potential trip hazards on the way from your car to your front door. Did you leave the hose out? How are you going to avoid these tripping hazards if you never see them coming? Pathway lighting is one of many ways Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can ensure your property can be traversed safely during the evening hours.

outdoor lighting Memphis TNWith the extremely long nights also come the potential for would be intruders hanging around in the shadows. How do you keep dark spots on your property from being a potential hiding spot for would be criminals or intruders? The answer is with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. During the design process, we will address your objectives and take into account areas of your home that are dark spots once the sun goes down. By subtly illuminating these areas, your home sends a clear message to would be intruders: “Don’t hang around here!”. With the shopping season upon us and many of us not arriving home until after dark, it’s really difficult to put into words the peace of mind adequate outdoor lighting provides. Your home will no longer be a cold, uninviting, pool of darkness but rather a welcoming beacon where you can see every spot on your property.

pathway lighting Memphis TNTo find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can add safety and beautiful illumination to your home in anticipation of the upcoming darker and darker months, call us today at 901-854-7111, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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