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Memphis outdoor lighting is the best outfit for your home.

Memphis outdoor lighting is the best outfit for your home.

We all have outfits that we like to wear because we believe they make us look our best. They make us feel confident, ready to take on the world. What is the equivalent of that outfit for your Memphis home? Many people think that their home is most likely to turn heads when it is wearing its holiday season finery and a key part of those decorations is always lighting.


The wonderful thing about Memphis outdoor lighting is that it doesn’t have to be a seasonal look for your home, arriving in late November and gone by early January. When you invest in a custom-designed landscape lighting system, your home will always be shown off to its best advantage.


Unique architectural features give us the chance to be creative.

Outdoor lighting creates a warm welcome.

When guests arrive at your home for a holiday party, they will be able to easily identify your home from a distance and appreciate any wreaths or other decorations you have at your front porch or entrance. They will feel warmly welcomed by the lights that guide them from the car all the way to your door. There is nothing more hospitable than a well-lit home.


Come spring, your house will still be looking terrific. From the time that the first crocuses pop up from the cool ground until the full flower of summer, visitors will see and appreciate your garden and yard day or night because of your Memphis landscape lighting. Best of all, the lights are already in place, no further installation is necessary. Timers take care of most of the work for you.


Using LEDs allow you the option of adding even more fixtures than you could with halogen bulbs.

We use many techniques and fixtures to highlight the best features of your trees.

Fall will bring beautiful colors to your trees for a few weeks. They are wonderful in the daytime, but can be especially striking at night if they are well illuminated. Memphis architectural lighting will also show off the finer features of your home’s façade.


Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis for a free in-home consultation to learn how you can keep your home looking its best throughout the year with an investment in outdoor lighting. Regardless of the season or the look your home is sporting at the moment, it will always look better in the right light.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

John Bowers
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


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