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Summer is the time of year when kids run free, the outdoors beckon, and nights enchant us all. It is also the time of buying and selling homes. Let’s face it. Who wants to move in cold winter weather? Additionally, most properties really shine when outdoor spaces are green with new foliage and flowers. If you are trying to sell your home, you are probably trying to showcase its best features and enhance your property all around. Even if you’re not trying to sell, who wants to be Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis shows how outdoor lighting adds warmth to your home while highlighting your architectural featuresthe dull house on the block? You want your property to look its best and catch eyes. You want people who pass by to admire and remember it, and one of the best ways to create a memorable scene is through exquisite outdoor lighting.


Outdoor lighting increases you property value and curb appeal – two factors that can be most important to homebuyers. While location, square footage, and number of bathrooms have a big impact, most homebuyers want their new home to look good. Of course, they will want to make the place their own, but improvements and amenities can mean the difference in a sell or a potential buyer walking away. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can design the outdoor lighting needed to make an impact as soon as a potential buyer turns the corner onto your street. Greeted by warm illumination that highlights your home and garden’s best features, buyers will have a harder time letting your property go without fighting for it.

If you are a potential homebuyer rather than a seller, you will probably be personalizing the home you buy. Because exterior spaces make the first impression on friends and family, many new Memphis landscape lightinghomeowners start with landscaping. Pavers for paths; new bushes, shrubs, and flowers; and mulching go a long way. But consider installing outdoor lighting at the same time. Often, installation goes much more smoothly when it is part of a landscaping project. That way, our designers can work alongside your landscapers. Positioning of lights will be easier, and doing multiple projects at once minimizes the amount of time your new property will be “under construction.”


So whether you are selling a home or buying one, outdoor lighting is an amenity that improves the look, feel, and function of your outdoor spaces. It is for you. If you are interested in seeing what outdoor lighting can do for you property, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today.  You’ll be able to see first-hand the difference quality outdoor lighting makes.


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To see more photos of what our outdoor lighting can do, visit our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery and our deck and patio photo gallery on our website.

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