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One of the most rewarding moments for outdoor lighting professionals is the moment we flip the switch of a finished system and watch the property transform. It truly is a wonderful moment and one I never grow tired of. Some may ask, “Why would you want to light your property?” But why wouldn’t you? Quality outdoor lighting is a work of art, and like any art, it impacts atmosphere and mood. Mundane moments are made better because its presence elevates them. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we have the privilege of creating art that makes properties more striking, warm, and inviting.

Front Porch - Before Outdoor Lighting

Front Porch – Before Outdoor Lighting



Consider the front of this home. Without lighting, it appears cold and even a bit forbidding. Of course, light coming through the windows adds some warmth, but the home does not feel approachable. Those passing by would probably not notice it. No statement is made.



Front Porch - After Outdoor Lighting

Front Porch – After Outdoor Lighting




But add outdoor lighting, and everything changes. Now beautiful, inviting, and warm, this porch area beckons. Everyone passing by will see it, admire it, and even want to join the family for their relaxing evening. Using path lights, floodlights, and well lights, the home comes alive with character and appeal.



Garden Path - Before Outdoor Lighting

Garden Path – Before Outdoor Lighting





Outdoor lighting makes a difference in areas other than architecture as well. Shrouded in shadows, this garden feels gloomy and a bit spooky. Once night falls, the path will become invisible. It could even hold hidden dangers –misplaced toys and tools or wild animals, such as snakes.




Garden Path - After Outdoor Lighting

Garden Path – After Outdoor Lighting




Underneath the glow of path lights and some well-placed spotlights, the garden path takes on a storybook appearance, enchanting all who stroll it. Light drives the dangers away or, at very least, allows you to spot any hazards that might be present.

Well-designed, well-installed outdoor lighting makes a big difference in the appearance and curb appeal of your property. It can add resale value, and most importantly, it increases your quality of living while you call this house your home. If you are ready to see the difference outdoor lighting can make to your property, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today.


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