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outdoor landscape lighting memphis

Create a truly luxurious pathway with gorgeous staircase accent lighting.

One of the many benefits of being in the outdoor lighting business is the simple privilege of seeing so many outstandingly landscaped homes and gardens. Many of our customers for whom we installed lighting on the front of their home have decided to make the transition into their backyard. Once we have seen so many of our existing customers’ beautiful landscaping, accompanied by elaborate walkways and pathways, we cannot help but be excited to show the effects our accent lighting will have on their backyard. With one simple night time demonstration, we can show how truly spectacular our customers’ backyards can be in the evening.

outdoor landscape lighting in memphis

Path lights set the tone for your landscaping. They literally glow.

The accent lighting we provide illuminates your backyard’s foliage to absolute perfection. Furthermore, our pathway lighting adds safety for walking during the evening hours. In most instances of backyard landscape lighting installations, we prefer the use of the more energy efficient, low maintenance LED system. Our LED lighting systems consist of the latest technology and have all the capabilities of traditional halogen lighting. In the process of the LED technology’s evolution, LED technology now allows for easier adjustment of the lumens level (level of brightness), which makes the process much more desirable for our customers. Our slimmer LED well lights (flood lights) allow for the fixtures to blend in more naturally with the vegetation but also simultaneously keeping them able to create the same angle and spread of light. No matter how elaborate your backyard landscaping or garden is, we have all the fixtures you would ever need.

outdoor landscape lighting memphis tennessee

Our accent lighting can really put a glowing emphasis on your backyard’s focal point.

It doesn’t matter whether your backyard needs LED well lights for uplighting the trees, LED bullet spot lights for accenting a gathering point (firepit, pergola, or gathering area), or LED wall lights to illuminate hardscaped steps (another safety issue addressed), we can handle it all. LED systems allow for less wiring while simultaneously providing enough power for our low voltage lighting to display at any desired level of lighting or brightness (lumen level). To see what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can do to perfectly accent your backyard’s landscaping or garden, visit our website, email us at, or call us anytime at (901) 854-7111.


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