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At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we really sweat the details. Everything we do, from choosing the highest-quality materials for each lighting fixture to working closely with each client to customize a truly one-of-a-kind design is handled with care and expertise to make sure the finished product is something to be proud of. That’s why outdoor accent lighting is one of our favorite things to talk about – we love bringing out the details that set your home apart from the rest.

What is accent lighting, and why is it important?

Show off your neighborhood entrance with outdoor accent lighting.

Show off your neighborhood entrance with outdoor accent lighting.

If you’re proud of where you live, don’t let the name of your neighborhood get lost in the dark. Accent lighting can easily help show off beautiful name plates and detailed landscaping at the entrance of your neighborhood. In addition to warming it up and making it feel more like home, your guests will surely appreciate having some guidance in the dark.

But neighborhood entrances aren’t the only place outdoor accent lighting can make a difference. Install a few simple accent lighting fixtures around your house to bring out any details you love that you don’t want to get lost at night.

  • Show off statues and other favorite features in your yard. Accent lighting is an easy way to bring out the intricate details that make the pieces in your yard one of a kind.
  • Highlight your family’s nameplate. Let your guests know they’ve come to the right place, and show some family pride by installing a simple accent lighting fixtures above your family’s name on the front of your home.
  • Similarly, accenting your home’s address numbers is a smart way to help guide guests to your front door and add some unique details to make your property stand out.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite accent lighting work we’ve done in the past:


Sweat the details: This beautiful backyard garden really comes to life when you sweat the details with outdoor accent lighting.



This gorgeous trellis and backyard garden come to life after dark with beautiful, expertly placed accent lighting. Otherwise, the craftsmanship and details in the walls and the placement of the vines would be completely lost at night.





Create a truly luxurious pathway with gorgeous staircase accent lighting.

Create a truly luxurious pathway with gorgeous staircase accent lighting.


Use lighting to accent a winding staircase in your backyard. These outdoor lights not only create a luxurious atmosphere – they’ll help improve your backyard safety by guiding family and guests down the steps to the party.



Learn more about outdoor accent lighting and how you can bring out the details that set your home apart when you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today.

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