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Well it looked like spring had finally arriving here in Memphis. Hopefully, it will be here to stay soon. With warm days in our future, you are probably in the mood for outdoor work and gardening. Spring is the perfect time to get some new landscaping done before summer arrives. That way, you’ll get to truly enjoy it. If you are thinking about new landscaping or outdoor living projects, now is also the time to be thinking about outdoor lighting. Many homeowners don’t realize it, but landscaping and outdoor lighting projects work best when they are completed simultaneously. While outdoor lighting can certainly be added after other work it completed, you often have many more options if your outdoor lighting designer and landscape designer can collaborate. And after all, you definitely want to be able to see all that beautiful work after the sun goes down.


Installing outdoor lighting when you do landscaping work has distinct benefits.

Installing outdoor lighting when you do landscaping work has distinct benefits.

So how can installing outdoor lighting while landscape, deck, or patio work is completed benefit you? Consider the following.


Down Time
With any home improvement project, there is an awkward time frame in which your property is a mess. It’s chaotic and unsightly. Of course, it’s worth it in the long run, but no one enjoys the disorder. By installing outdoor lighting with your new project, you won’t have multiple down times.


Ideal Placement of Power Supplies and Fixtures
Very often, when Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis installs a new system, it is hard to get components in the optimal locations. Of course, we put in the extra work to get them in the right places. However, that can often mean having to disassemble a structure or move an object temporarily until wiring is run. By working with your contractor, we can get your system components in the right places from the very beginning. No disassembly required.


Some design choices are only possible when lighting is installed during construction.

Some design choices are only possible when lighting is installed during construction.

Design That Might Not be Possible Otherwise
If you are adding any masonry structures, they often do not have places to anchor outdoor lighting if these are not installed as the structure is being erected. If we are working with your contractor, you can have outdoor lights anchored firmly within stone pillars or along garden walls. The wiring can even be embedded within these structures, so it is completely hidden.


Trust us. You will have a much better finished product with less hassle during installation if we are involved early on. We have many years of experience not only designing and installing outdoor lighting but also working with other contractors. By collaborating with them, we will be able to deliver you the best possible landscape or garden experience.


So call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today. No matter what improvements you are planning this spring, it is important to consider your outdoor lighting from the very beginning, and if you choose us, your project will be in the most capable hands every step of the way.


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