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This time of the year, homeowners all over Memphis are looking to refurbish their outdoor lighting systems to give their homes a brighter, fresher look. However, many of our customers wrongly believe that upgrading their systems requires a complete overhaul that will cost them an arm and a leg. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we know the secret to totally transforming your home’s look at night with just a few small updates.

No outdoor lighting design is complete without entrance lighting.

Upgrading to LED outdoor lighting is an easy way to give your home a brighter, more balanced look.

Switch to LED outdoor lighting

LED outdoor lighting offers a bright, warm look that integrates easily with your existing system. Plus, LED is much more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs, so we can typically install additional fixtures to work with your existing transformer – no extra equipment required.

Add a new outdoor lighting zone

Get creative with your outdoor spaces and add an entirely new outdoor lighting zone at your home. If you focused primarily on the front of your house when you first installed the system, consider expanding into the backyard with beautiful tree lighting, landscape lighting, deck and patio lighting and more. Clear out a new seating area for the whole family to soak up the summer weather, and dress it up with one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting. With only 3-4 additional fixtures, our experts can help you craft an elegant atmosphere or shine a spotlight on the party zone – whatever matches your style and mood.

Path lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

Path lights add the finished touches to your home’s beautiful, polished outdoor lighting design.

Lastly, it’s important to keep your Memphis outdoor lighting system balanced and connected with a few simple additions, such as accent lighting that ties everything together or path lighting to literally connect your outdoor spaces with safe, walkable paths that look great at night. Ask an expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis to take a look at your system today and offer advice about how best to give your system an upgraded, polished look with just a few simple additions like these.


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