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outdoor LED lighting fixtures Memphis TNThroughout the spring and summer you’ve probably noticed your local big-box stores putting out sale after sale on outdoor lighting fixtures for your walkway and landscape. In most cases, in our experience, these are solar powered lighting fixtures, and cheaply manufactured ones at that. If you’re looking to add beauty and curb appeal to your home during the evening hours, it’s important to rely on a professional outdoor lighting company. Just as easy as it is to install these solar lights, it’s equally easy to make your home look tacky by doing so. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can have your home beautifully awash in illumination with a custom tailored design.

outdoor lighting memphis tnSolar lights are not a great idea for use in illuminating your home’s outdoor living areas, walkways or landscape. While they look great in the store, the effect they have on your home is more often than not, less than desirable. They simply don’t provide a consistent amount of illumination and don’t last very long either. They’re most often poorly manufactured and their short lifespan lends creedence to that. Not only are solar lights an offputting illumination source, but the layout of an outdoor lighting system is just as important as the outdoor lighting fixtures themselves.

Can you spot the solar lights??

Can you spot the solar lights??

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, you can rest assured in knowing we will provide your home with a design specifically made to emphasize your home and landscape’s layout. Our outdoor LED lighting fixtures will stand the test of time both aesthetically and practically. The LED lighting components have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and the fixtures are made of only the highest quality copper and brass. The illumination provided by LED outdoor lighting technology has become an absolute work of art. Your home will look absolutely phenomenal and you’ll be so glad you didn’t go the solar lighting route.

landscape lighting Memphis TNTo find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis is the number one company to turn to for Memphis outdoor LED lighting, call us today at (901) 854-7111, email us at, fill out our form to the upper right or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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