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Spring signals a fresh start, and that means homeowners all over Memphis are looking for ways to give their homes a fresh new look. In addition to pulling down the pastels and Easter decorations from the attic, consider these three reasons you should convert to LED outdoor lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today.

1. LED outdoor lighting helps you save energy.

If you’re used to using traditional halogen bulbs in your outdoor lighting system, switching to LED will likely be a welcome change. Halogen bulbs are notorious for burning out quicker and for draining your power supply faster, costing you money to keep your lights on in the long run. On the other hand, LED outdoor light bulbs last substantially longer and are the perfect example of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly outdoor lighting. You won’t just notice a difference in the time and effort it takes to maintain your outdoor lighting system – you’ll likely see a drop in your monthly power expenses as well.

Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference?

2. LED outdoor lighting makes you look good

Another big difference you’ll notice immediately after converting to LED outdoor lighting is the way it makes your home look. The LED bulb itself gives off a much more pleasant, polished look than traditional halogen and casts a brighter, more balanced light on your home. Additionally, because of LED’s impressive endurance and efficiency, you won’t have to worry about unflattering flickers or ugly shadows resulting from burnouts and other malfunctions. LED outdoor lighting gives your home a beautiful, professionally designed look around the clock.

Front Porch - After Outdoor Lighting

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor lighting system to LED and start enjoying the warmer weather.

3. Converting to LED is easy

How easy is converting to LED outdoor lighting? As easy as picking up the phone and calling a friendly expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. We’ll send a team to your home to check your system’s compatibility – in most cases, converting isn’t a problem. Even if your current system is 10 years old or was installed by a different company, our experts can likely adjust to fit your needs. Plus, converting to LED typically doesn’t require you to purchase any additional equipment (besides the bulbs themselves). We can add these high-quality fixtures easily onto your existing system.

What are you waiting for? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today to give your home a fresh new look for Spring when you convert to LED.

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