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At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we talk a lot about lighting up your backyard. We love crafting unique looks for your landscaping, decks and patio and pools – but one area of the house offers the perfect canvas for creative mood and ambient lighting: Front porch lighting.

Sure, you may already have flood lights installed for security after dark, but we’re talking about transforming your outdoor seating area to create a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. Here are just a few ideas for how you can bring your Memphis front porch lighting to life:

Front Porch - After Outdoor Lighting

Give your guests a warm welcome with beautiful outdoor lighting on your front porch.

Welcome guests with a warm wash of light on the front porch.

In Memphis, front porch lighting is often the first thing guests notice about your home at night. If your front porch is cold and dark after the sun goes down, bring it back to life with creative outdoor lighting to help make your guests feel more at home. Our experts can use a variety of top-quality fixtures to illuminate the entire area in a gorgeous, tasteful way. Ask about the BB-08 deck light, one of our smaller fixtures with a big effect. Even if your porch has small, hard to reach nooks and crannies – this fixture and others from our collection can get the job done.

Relax with a soft glow around the seating area.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, front porch lighting is one of our favorite things to design. Why? The front porch is center stage, it’s a common family favorite place to hang out, and its open-air feel makes it the perfect place to get creative with mood and ambient lighting. Consider the elegant effects a few small fixtures could have when placed expertly in this area. Exposed brick becomes a stunning work of art when highlighted after dark. String lighting creates an artistic divide between the interior and exterior of your home and helps tie your Memphis front porch lighting seamlessly together with landscape lighting, patio lighting and other backyard features.

Spotlights on your home accentuate its best features

Outdoor lighting timers add even more security to your home.

Use timers to make it look like you’re always home.

An outdoor flood light is great to help boost your security when you’re away from home, but consider how much more convincing it is to set your entire Memphis front porch lighting system on a timer. That way, even if you have to work late at the office a few nights or go on vacation it doesn’t just look like someone’s home – it looks like someone deliberately turned on those lights and may even be sitting in that area.  Ask one of our professionals about how you can set your front porch lighting on a timer to give your home security an even bigger boost after dark.

For each and every design at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, front porch lighting depends entirely on the individual home. Call us today for a free consultation, and we’ll help give one of your favorite parts of your home an even more beautiful, elegant look when the sun goes down.


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