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It’s back to school season, and if you’re like us you’re ready for a change of pace. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we love helping our clients give their favorite outdoor spaces a makeover just in time for changing weather. Take advantage of the season, and dress up your home for the cooler weather with these fun outdoor lighting design ideas.

Enjoy the evening longer with outdoor lighting

Create a cool, unique look for your outdoor spaces by layering multiple types of outdoor lighting techniques.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about surviving the changing seasons in Memphis, it’s that layers are a must. Apply this same rule to your outdoor spaces, and create an elegant, sophisticated Memphis outdoor lighting design using a wider variety of fixtures. For example, when working with deck and patio lighting, sometimes you need one bigger, fuller outdoor lighting fixture to cover all the bases, like a flood light. However, sometimes you’ll prefer a softer, more subtle ambient light – in that case it’s a good idea to try something fun like string lighting or festival lighting. Additionally, there may be certain aspects of your yard that you want to make sure to bring out with deck and patio lighting. For these, we highly recommend installing a few simple accent lights around the seating area. A trained expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can help you pick out the perfect combinations of fixtures and bulbs to blanket your deck and patio with a gorgeous Memphis outdoor lighting design with more depth and layering than you might otherwise have in your home.

Our package can define a relaxing space in your yard

Our package can define a relaxing space in your yard

Another fun area to upgrade in your home with professional Memphis outdoor lighting is the fire pit. Take your bonfires and after-dark get-togethers to the next level by crafting a one-of-a-kind atmosphere around the fire pit with just a few outdoor lighting fixtures. String lighting around the area is a smart option that instantly sets a fun party mood but also effectively illuminates the area for your guests. A flood light may be necessary if you’ve got a particularly large seating area around the pit in order to ensure your guests’ safety around the fire. An Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis professional can easily help you evaluate your unique home and fire pit area to determine which outdoor lighting fixtures are best suited to bring your perfect party spot to life.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let the cooler weather get away from you – Before we know it the weather will have changed again and we’ll be bundled up inside until next Spring. Take advantage of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind Fall weather we get to experience every year in Memphis, and spend more time outdoors when you install a professional outdoor lighting system from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis.

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