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It’s already starting to feel like Spring, and many homeowners in Memphis are thinking about how to capitalize on their outdoor spaces. Whether you love hosting barbecues on the patio, family games in the backyard or just enjoy the cozy atmosphere of your backyard, the first thing you’ll need to do to get ready for Spring is to update your outdoor lighting. Here are just a few tips from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis to help you get creative with your outdoor spaces and make the most of the season.


Enhance the natural glow of the moon in your yard with creative tree and patio lighting.

Try subtle moonlighting in the trees. Moonlighting is a beautiful, subtly effect in which your outdoor lighting expert places large fixtures high up in the branches of your favorite trees and angles them down to cast unique shadows on the ground – magnifying the natural effect the moon’s light has on your yard. We encourage you to try this outdoor lighting technique if you’re looking to enjoy quiet, cozy nights in your backyard this Spring.

Create a truly luxurious pathway with gorgeous staircase accent lighting.

Path lighting and step lighting help connect your outdoor lighting system and improve your home’s safety.

Surround your space with path lighting. In addition to boosting your home’s safety, path lighting is a smart way to tie your entire outdoor lighting design together. Whether you’ve got a winding trail from the front yard to the backyard or a short walk along some beautiful landscaping, you’ll want to light it up this season! Contact an expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today for an expert consultation about how path lighting and step lights are instant enhancements to your outdoor lighting system.

Get creative with outdoor lighting around the BBQ. Here’s where your creativity can really shine – dress up your deck and patio to get ready for backyard parties and dinners this season with beautiful patio lighting and other fun options from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. String lights across the entire yard or focus on the details in one party hotspot. We’ll help you create an upscale dinner party atmosphere on your patio or even set up a lighting design for outdoor movie nights. It’s easy, and the options are endless. Call an expert to start crafting your one-of-a-kind design today.

Work with an expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis to tie it all together with your outdoor landscape lighting, and give your home and yard a beautiful, balanced look for the Spring.

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