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What do you have to be thankful for this season?

What do you have to be thankful for this season?

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! You are probably thawing the turkey, gathering ingredients, and even baking some of the desserts already. I’m sure you’re also looking forward to time with family and friends, football, parades, and some hardcore napping. In the midst of all the food and festivities, it’s still important to reflect on what Thanksgiving Day is all about in the first place. When Europeans first arrived on this continent, they struggled to survive, and Thanksgiving Day was to commemorate their survival and the native people that helped them to do so. Thanksgiving Day really is a day to be thankful for all we have. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we are very thankful. Here is our short list.


Quality Products
As much as our clients love our quality fixtures and other components, we may just love them more than you do. Quality components help make our jobs easier. For example, many of our fixtures give us control over beam spread, how the light disperses the further it travels away from the fixture. Such control makes fixtures easy to set and focus, but it also allows us to manipulate light in ways that are unique and striking, ways that wouldn’t be possible without such features. We love to do things others believe to be impossible.


Thank you, Memphis, for letting us light up your nights!

Thank you, Memphis, for letting us light up your nights!

LED Technology
When LED technology first made an appearance in outdoor lighting, it was admittedly a little scary looking with its cold, bluish color that actually detracted more from properties than it enhanced. But today, technology advancements have made LED outdoor lighting one of our most popular options. LED outdoor lighting is safer because the components to not heat up as much as halogen, and it’s low consumption of electricity is easier on our clients and the environment. That is something we can all get excited about.


Our Community and Clients
Year after year, the residents and businesses in the Memphis area have come to us for their outdoor lighting needs. Memphis trusts us to make it beautiful at night by doing what we do best. Your repeated patronage allows us to keep designing, installing, and maintaining exquisite outdoor lighting. Because of the trust Memphis places in us, we are able to keep pursuing our passion of creating the most beautiful outdoor lighting.


So, thank you, Memphis, and thank you, clients! Thank you for making Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis the area’s premier outdoor lighting company. We love what we do, and we are so very blessed to be able to survive and thrive doing what we love most – outdoor lighting. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! And if your outdoor lighting system needs any attention this holiday season, please don’t hesitate to call.

John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


John Bowers
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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