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While we are busy going through life, it can be easy to forget how much time passes us by. We look around, and suddenly, babies are teenagers, our clothes are worn out, and the trees in our yards are twice as big as they used to be. “With age come wisdom” – the old adage goes, but age also brings other, less desirable characteristics. For machinery and technology especially, age brings wear and tear. This is true of outdoor lighting systems too. Components break, bulbs burn out, and

This outdoor lighting system is not doing its job.  Let us revamp it to show your home's beauty.

This outdoor lighting system is not doing its job. Let us revamp it to show your home’s beauty.

lighting companies are always trying to produce a more efficient, beautiful fixture. If you are the owner of an old lighting system (an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives or a competitor’s system) and have recently realized how old it’s becoming, this may be time to evaluate what needs to be done to recapture its former glory, that time when the system was new.


When deciding what needs to be done to an old system that hasn’t been maintained, you need to consider the age of the system. If your system is not very old, you may simply need a revamp. In this case, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis can replace system components that may be failing and can even change out some of your halogen fixtures for our newer, high quality LED fixtures. These fixtures are efficient, have a dramatically longer lifespan, and are virtually indistinguishable from halogen lights.


Show off the beauty of your home with a professional outdoor lighting system

Show off the beauty of your home with a professional outdoor lighting system

If your system is 10-15 years old, it may be an old, incandescent system. Recently, you may have noticed that replacement bulbs are harder to find. This is because the USA is phasing out incandescent bulbs, which includes the ones used in outdoor lighting. In 2014, less than six months from now, incandescent bulbs will no longer be available for purchase. If you are currently relying on these bulbs, now is the time to upgrade. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of incandescent outdoor lighting systems did not build these fixtures in a way that they can be retro fitted for halogen or LED bulbs, and reusing wiring can cause a serious fire hazard. Therefore, the system will need to be replaced. While this may make some homeowners hesitant because of their initial investment, replacing such an old system will recapture that beauty you loved when the system was new and will allow you to have a fully functioning system long after 2014. It will also give us a chance to make needed adjustments to your design. Trees grow, landscape design changes, and you make additions to your home. All of these changes impact how your lights are illuminating your home, and if the system is not routinely maintained, these changes alone may prevent your property from looking its best.


So if you do own an old system, don’t let 2014 and the end of incandescent bulbs sneak up on you. John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of MemphisGive us a call. We will be happy to help you upgrade your system, so that your property will still turn heads and be the place you are proud to call home.

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