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Everyone is very best at being themselves, and with genetic codes being as unique as snowflakes, that’s a good thing. Since no two people are exactly alike, it’s no wonder we extend our unique qualities into the world around us – especially our homes. So what makes your house different from the others on the block? Is it an arched window, the front door, roofline, or a standout, historic chimney? (As is the case with a homeowner who has been speaking with us recently.) Unique architectural features give our homes appeal, mystique, and added value. These distinctions should be celebrated and visible day or night. Focal lighting is the art of bringing a particular aspect of an object or area into focus, and it can bring true emphasis to the elements that make your home special.


What are your home's best features? Bring the into focus.

What are your home’s best features? Bring the into focus.

In a dark environment, light always attracts the eye. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis uses light strategically to draw the eyes along certain lines and toward specific features. With tall, textured features, like this potential client’s chimney, uplighting creates a dramatic effect. This technique involves angling a ground level spotlight upward. Textures, particularly masonry, in turn cast shadows that accentuate this texture. Wash lighting, gently illuminating objects, creates a more relaxed tone and could be particularly effective on an accent wall or dormer. Grazing involves brushing objects with just enough light to make them stand out from their surroundings. This technique could be particularly effective for a detailed, ornamental piece, as dramatic shadows might obscure some of the details. By using such techniques to control where spectators are looking, they are typically unaware of any elements you choose not to highlight, whether you simply aren’t as proud of them or they need a bit of work.


Unique architectural features give us the chance to be creative.

Unique architectural features give us the chance to be creative.

Using some or all of these lighting methods, your home’s most characteristic features, even beautiful house numbers, can standout when all else fades into the blackness. Even though every job is different in some way, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis we are thrilled when we get the opportunity to design lighting that highlights uniqueness. Despite its occasionally challenging nature, it gets the artists in us inspired and gives us a chance to flex our creative muscles.


So I ask again – what makes your home unique? What do you want people to see? Once you have decided this, just a simple phone call is all it takes to start showing the world what makes your property different. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today, and trust the very best, professional lighting designers to ensure your very best is seen.



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