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Technology is constantly astounding us. Everything from cell phones to surgical tools are rapidly developing in order to achieve better results. The same can be said for outdoor lighting. In the past few decades alone, significant changes have been made. The most notable technological advancement in outdoor lighting has been that of LED lights. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis knows you want only the best quality outdoor lighting. That’s why we encourage you to install LED lights in your outdoor lighting system.

The inside of your home has probably already been upgraded to LED lights. After all, their benefits are outstanding. Light Emitting Diode, or LED, bulbs have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting. One of their biggest selling points is their ability to outlast the competition. The operational life of current white LED indoor lights is roughly 100,000 hours. That’s about 11 years worth of continuous light.  Because of their longevity, they are also energy efficient. LED light bulbs only use 1/3rd of the energy of incandescent lighting. Plus they stay cool to the touch, making them safer than any other bulb on the market. Inside the home they save on energy and money, making them the obvious choice. These same advantages carry over to outdoor lighting.

Your landscape deserves to be illuminated properly. Whether the stream of light needs to softly embellish your tender garden bed or encompass your entire back yard, LED lights are the right choice. Yet one of the biggest concerns about LED bulbs being used outside is that blue tint to them. Halogen lights give off a soft, natural glow whereas in the past LED ones have produced an unnatural one. That isn’t the case anymore. Our technologically-advanced LED lights will produce that brilliant shine you’re looking for without any strange tint. They can expertly intensify the dramatic shadows around your home and provide safety on your freshly stained deck all while looking naturally marvelous. Whatever the job calls for, LED outdoor lights can get it done.

Consider upgrading or retrofitting your current halogen outdoor lighting system. Retrofitting can be done with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives systems.  You’ll be getting much more out of energy-efficient, time tested, durable LED lights. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis at 901-854-7111. We’ll be more than happy to install these technologically advanced light bulbs in your system. Don’t let these significant advances in technology pass you by.

John Bowers, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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