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Heron's Ridge entrance lightingHeron’s Ridge is a beautiful subdivision in Lakeland, TN where 160 or so families call home. The area is known for its excellent schools, growing businesses and friendly people. The lovely neighborhood includes walking trails through nature areas, beautiful open spaces throughout the community and an adjoining park with a pond and pavilion. Homeowners in Heron’s Ridge can now also list a beautifully lit entrance that welcomes them home after a long day, compliments of Memphis subdivision entrance  lighting.



The carefully landscaped entrances of this community were once in lights but years of use had taken its toll on the fixtures.  The lighting fixtures were old and worn out and not portraying the subdivision in the light it should have been in. That’s when Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis received a call to see how we could improve the current subdivision entrance lighting. During our initial consultation, we identified many lights that were irreparable and several other areas that could benefit from additional Memphis outdoor lighting fixtures. In all, our proposal to bring the entrances back to life included the replacement of 28 lights and also offered an upgrade to our technologically advanced LEDs. Memphis LED outdoor lighting is a smart

Our LED stick light provides a powerful output but takes up little space.

Our LED stick light provides a powerful output but takes up little space.

choice for subdivisions where the lights are normally on from sunset to sunrise. That can be a long span of time to run outdoor lights every night. Using LEDs not only provide energy efficiencies so the electrical costs are lower, they also burn cooler than traditional halogen bulbs. This technology, along with the longevity of the light emitting diodes substantially lowers maintenance costs.


The day of the installation proved interesting. The outdoor lighting fixtures themselves were so old that the sockets had worn out. To make our job even more exciting, we concluded the current outdoor lighting system was probably installed before completion of the subdivision. Some of the wiring we were tying into actually ran under the city owned streets. Ample experience and a little patience proved to be the solution to getting the current outdoor lighting system converted to LED and running as beautifully as the landscaped entrance and manicured homes contained within. Now the community truly does welcome its residents home at night as they  drive past.


Show off your neighborhood entrance with outdoor accent lighting.

Show off your neighborhood entrance with outdoor accent lighting.

If your Memphis community is in need of subdivision entry lighting repairs, upgrades or additions, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis a call. We specialize in residential landscape lighting, community entrance lighting and commercial outdoor lighting. Whatever your needs, we can custom design an outdoor lighting plan for you, professionally install or upgrade your system and provide lasting maintenance to your system, whether we originally installed it or someone else did. We are your Memphis outdoor lighting company and are ready to solve any landscape lighting needs you may have. Give us a call for a free consultation and you’ll soon be loving your outdoor living spaces even more.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


John Bowers
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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