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Winter has set in here in Memphis. If there was any doubt, last week certainly drove that notion home. Most of you are probably spending a good deal of time indoors where it’s a bit easier to stay warm. But despite the polar air, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis has been hard at work installing and maintaining outdoor lighting. At first, this may seem a bit odd that we would be busy now when it’s so cold and dreary, but during the winter, outdoor lighting is very important. This is not because you will be putting your deck or patio to much use but because of how it improves the safety of your property and what it does to your atmosphere.


Outdoor lighting for paths, entryways, and steps helps you to identify hazardous, icy spots.

Outdoor lighting for paths, entryways, and steps helps you to identify hazardous, icy spots.


With plunging temperatures leaving ice wherever water stands, driveways and walkways can become quite treacherous in the early morning and late evening hours. Darkness conceals icy spots, which can lead to slips and even emergency room visits in the worst scenarios. Outdoor lighting helps you see such hazards and avoid them. By ensuring your front porch, steps, and walkways are illuminated, you make your property safer for you, your family, and your guests.



Outdoor lighting can help drive away the winter blues.

Outdoor lighting can help drive away the winter blues.

In addition to bringing ice and frigid temperatures, winter is notoriously bleak because we are exposed to fewer hours of daylight than during any other season. Just as the onset of winter prompts certain species to hibernate, it also affects humans, often negatively. Extensive periods of darkness can trigger a sluggish feeling or “the winter blues”. It can even cause depression. To counter these effects, it is best to expose yourself to more light. Even though outdoor lighting is not the sun, it does enhance the appearance of your home, making it warm and inviting to all who approach it. By bathing your property with light, you won’t come home to a dark cold house, stumbling around in the dark and fumbling for the right key. Light will welcome you, lift the spirits of you and your family, and help you feel cozy and content even before you step into the house. Such light will allow you continued enjoyment of your shrubs and trees (particularly the evergreens) and contrast warmly against winter’s darkness.


Don’t let your property grow cold like the weather. Outdoor lighting serves as a powerful visual buffer between you and winter’s darkness, so contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. We would love to bring a demo kit out to your home in the evening and show you the difference outdoor lighting can make. And even though it’s cold outside, we really don’t mind. We have light on our side.


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