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What comes to mind when you hear the word style? Chic and modern, bold and in-your-face, rustic and traditional, or refined and smooth like a Frank Sinatra song. Like beauty, style is very subjective and personal. Though there are many “styles” to choose from, true style should reflect your personality and what is important to you. It can be manifested in any area of your life, but a very noticeable place is in your home. The choices you make decorating and modifying your home, even the choice to purchase a certain home, reflects your personal style. Did you know your style can also be reflected in your outdoor lighting?


Uplighting creates dramatic areas of light shadow that reflect a bold personality.

Uplighting creates dramatic areas of light shadow that reflect a bold personality.

For an outdoor lighting designer, light is a lot like makeup. It enhances, and if it’s done well, the scene simply looks amazing. You’ve probably experienced extraordinary lighting designs at the theater, maybe a traveling Broadway show, or at a concert or circus. Perhaps you saw the designs and didn’t even notice them. Truly great lighting designs convey style and tone through their effect on scene, so often, the lights themselves are not what we remember. This is also the aim of a great outdoor lighting designer. The homeowner’s style affects the tone and feel of the property, and at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis, we use light to enhance that those effects.


Moonlighting trees in the garden creates an enchanting mood.

Moonlighting trees in the garden creates an enchanting mood.

Perhaps you are a bold personality; dramatic uplighting on the striking architectural elements of your home might be the perfect fit. It will create striking shadows that contrast sharply against the elements that are illuminated. For the more traditional client, bathing the entryway with warm lighting welcomes guests even before the front door opens. Well lights casting clear, elegant lighting on shrubs and trees is perfect for the natural personality who invests time tending the landscape. Captivating deck and pool area lighting create an outdoor oasis for more private homeowners. And for those who seek an enchanting feeling for their property, moonlighting trees in the garden turns the backyard into a magical hideaway. The possibilities are limitless and only constrained by inadequate communication between the client and the designer.


So what is your style? What do you value, and what feeling do you want your guests to experience as they approach your home? If you are ready for your property to look more “you” and its very best once the sun goes down, contact us today. At Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Memphis, we are excited by the challenge of enhancing your personal style and reflecting it in every highlight and shadow.


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