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You’ve got just one more month to soak in the longer days of the warmer season before it’s time to set our clocks back an hour. While this time around daylight savings time gives us an extra hour to spend sleeping, working or playing, it also signifies that we’ll have to start spending less time enjoying the sunlight and more time making the most of the dark. That’s one reason Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has officially declared this month October National Outdoor Lighting Month – Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis to help you fall back on a brand new look for your home this year.

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Don’t leave your home in the dark after daylight savings time — install professional outdoor lighting for a brand new look.

A professional outdoor lighting installation is one of the fastest, easiest ways to upgrade your home’s appearance at night and create a much more glamorous look. While that’s a big enough benefit to some homeowners, we know it’s about more than appearances. Here are a few more advantages you can expect when you invest in professional outdoor lighting:

Boost your security

Illuminating your property at night obviously has some major security benefits for you and your family. A brightly-lit home that stands out from the crowd is far less likely to be targeted for burglary than a darker house, and a yard lined with floodlights around the perimeter is much more difficult to trespass in without being noticed. Pinpoint which areas of your home are most vulnerable, such as pools, decks and other enticing home features, and make sure you don’t leave them in the dark.

Front Porch - After Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy the cooler Memphis weather this season by expanding your favorite outdoor spaces with professional outdoor lighting.

Expand your outdoor spaces

You shouldn’t be confined to your indoor spaces when the sun goes down, especially since many homeowners leave before daylight and get home long after sunset during this season. Take advantage of National Outdoor Lighting Month to learn about how you can expand your outdoor spaces – and extend the hours you use them – with smart, professional outdoor lighting.

 Enjoy more peace of mind

Sure there are DIY projects and YouTube videos you could watch online to learn more about outdoor lighting, but the benefits of choosing a professional are endless. In addition to getting a more polished, luxurious look that your neighbors will envy, you’ll enjoy more peace of mind knowing a highly trained technician has secured all the wiring and fixtures to prevent any dangerous malfunctions.

Learn more about outdoor lighting and how you can prepare for daylight savings time this National Outdoor Lighting Month by visiting Browse smart tips for creating a unique outdoor lighting design for your home, learn more about our top-quality products and installation services and view our free guide to choosing an outdoor lighting professional.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to show off your house and get the most out of the longer nights this season. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today, and get ready to fall back on a brand new look for your home.

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