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You’ve heard the advantages of choosing outdoor landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis.  You’ve even taken the steps to have our copper and brass lighting fixturesinstalled by our lighting professionals. And, now you are enjoying the warm glow washing over your home and outdoor living spaces.  But we don’t want our relationship to end there.  We want to help you maintain the perfect illumination on your home and outdoor living spaces with our Annual Maintenance Plan.

Our AMP will keep your lighting looking beautiful night after night.

You won’t find a more thorough outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan than ours. Whether you have our halogen or LED fixtures, on an annual basis, we will replace all the halogen light bulbs (LEDs last much longer and do not need to be replaced on a yearly basis), repair any damaged wire, inspect the transformer, check the timer, trim or adjust for plant overgrowth and straighten fixtures to enhance the effects of your lighting. Plus, any service you may need throughout the year will be done on a priority basis.

Even if your outdoor lighting system was installed by another company, you can still take advantage of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis’ maintenance services.  Our Annual Maintenance Plans assure you won’t need to lift a finger to adjust a fixture or change a bulb. Your lighting system will remain headache-free and illuminate beautifully night after night.

Be sure to ask about the Annual Maintenance Plan available on all of our Memphis outdoor lighting installations. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis stands behind our landscape lighting, pool lighting, focal lighting, holiday lighting and beyond and looks forward to our plan for creating a long-term outdoor lighting relationship.




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