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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis has a wide variety of outdoor lights. From well lights to deck lights to spot lights, we carry the best outdoor lighting available. One of our most popular fixtures is the path light. Simple yet versatile, this light can be as grand or as subtle as you want. Unfortunately, people often abuse the path light by using it carelessly and without thought. We’re Path lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphishere to remind you just how crucial the proper use of path lighting can be to your outdoor lighting system.

The entire point of outdoor lighting is to illuminate your home and landscape in an appealing and professional way. It is for beauty as well as safety. Path lights fulfill both needs expertly. Yet when used improperly, they cannot do either. Sometimes people purchase cheap path lights from their local hardware store without much thought. They grab a few, toss them into their yards, and expect excellent results. Good landscape lighting doesn’t work that way. The cheaper path lights are often unreliable and corrode easily. On top of that, when placed without proper planning, they stick out like sore thumbs and diminish the look of your entire home.

Despite how easy and inexpensive it may seem, leave installing path lights to the professionals. We are trained to design expert plans for Memphis copper path lightall our outdoor lights. We know exactly how to use these lights so they are at their full potential. Placed properly, path lights can seamlessly blend into a landscape and produce excellent results. They can brightly light a cobble stone trail or subtly illuminate a tender garden. They can be an artistic flow along a beaten path or a soft glow beside your driveway. When given real thought and effort, quality path lights can be the glue that holds your entire outdoor lighting ensemble together. Our high quality, copper path lights will be positioned expertly to result in a breathtaking view.

Misusing path lights can throw off the entire look of a home. When used improperly they can cheapen otherwise stunning outdoor lighting system. Don’t take a chance and make that mistake. Give us a call at 901-854-7111 and trust the professionals. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis guarantees our quality path lights will bring the utmost potential to life in your garden, yard, and entire landscape.

John Bowers, OwnerJohn Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis
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For more photos of our path lighting, visit our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

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