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Large purchases and investments necessitate research. Without information, it is impossible to make the best decision. Because I’m sure you make most of your decisions this way, you are probably do the same when choosing an outdoor lighting company. As with any product, you will be considering price, features, quality, and warranty. As you gather information and compare, you will notice that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis is not the cheapest company available to you. But as you are quite aware, you cannot base a decision simply on price. Since our outdoor lighting is more expensive than some of our competitors, what makes us Memphis’ premier outdoor lighting company? In a word – quality.


Copper and brass fixtures are not only beautiful. They last.

Copper and brass fixtures are not only beautiful. They last.

Let’s begin with the quality of our fixtures. We use fixtures made of the highest quality brass, copper, and PVC. These materials resist the elements outdoor fixtures must endure – temperature changes, rust, and sun damage. Copper and brass, like that in our accent fixtures, have been used for many centuries in maritime equipment because of its ability to resist the wears of salt water and air. Rather than becoming unsightly, the patina finish these fixtures develop only looks more beautiful with age, as it blends seamlessly into your landscape. The heavy duty PVC in our well lights is far superior to the painted aluminum used by some companies. Painted aluminum chips, the paint cracks, and eventually the fixture is compromised by rust or corrosion. While other companies’ fixtures may be cheaper, they do not stand the test of time. The extra money you spend on our fixtures will translate into savings in the future since they last outlast the competition, minimizing or eliminating the need for replacements and repairs.


The quality of our designs is the best available to you.

The quality of our designs is the best available to you.

Our quality extends into our lighting designs. When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis you are not given a standard design. Rather, one of our designers will visit your property and, with you, create a lighting design that highlights the best features of your home and landscape. It is a design that is unique to your home.


Finally, our quality is exhibited in our customer service, maintenance, and warranties. Our aim is to give you the outdoor lighting you desire, to exceed your expectations, and to make the installation process easy on you. After your system is installed, we can maintain it for you. You won’t even have to make adjustment to your timer when the days get shorter. We will handle all it. Additionally, we stand by our work 100%. If anything goes wrong or if any component malfunctions, we will make it right.


So when you are choosing your outdoor lighting company, remember that though we may not be the cheapest company, you never have to worry about your system when you have one from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis. Not only do you get exceptional lighting, you also get peace of mind. If you are ready to invest in the best outdoor lighting money can buy, contact us today.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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