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It’s almost time for seasons to change, and soon the fall colors will start to take over Memphis. While there’s nothing quite like driving through beautiful Memphis this time of year, falling leaves can sometimes interfere with your outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis offers a few quick tips for how to continue showing off your beautiful home even when the scenery changes.

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Highlight your home’s changing scenery with professional outdoor lighting.

Invest in lens covers

If you’ve taken the time to design a beautiful atmosphere for your home with outdoor lighting, it’s worth it to invest in some easy protection. Here are just a few things that could happen that could potentially leave your house in the dark or even result in a broken fixture, making your carefully crafted outdoor lighting go to waste:

  • A small bird, squirrel or other animal builds a nest in one of your fixtures, blocking the beam or causing it to emit unflattering light on your home.
  • Fire ants get into your fixture and bring in mounds of dirt, causing the electrical system to short out and leaving you with unbalanced lighting.
  • Leaves, pine straw and other debris fall inside the fixture, making it extremely difficult to remove and resulting in unbalanced lighting of your home.

All of these scenarios could either result in cumbersome maintenance of your fixtures or even expensive replacements. It’s easy to combat the falling leaves and hibernating pests of the changing season with one simple, inexpensive solution: outdoor lighting lens covers.

Clean lens covers regularly

It’s important to remember, even after you’ve installed

Outdoor Lighting Perpspectives of Memphis brass spot light

It’s a good idea to clear pine straw and other debris from your outdoor lighting fixtures.

lens covers, you’re still not immune to changing weather, falling leaves and other potential blockages. If you start to notice your lighting becoming dimmer or unbalanced, check each fixture for debris. If you’ve installed lens covers, it’s easy to simply brush it off and create a clear surface to allow for the best possible light to be emitted. It’s a good idea to add this to your weekly or monthly outdoor to-do list to ensure your home always looks its best and is taking full advantage of your one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting design.

Consult an expert

The opportunity to show off your house and best features of your yard against the beautiful backdrop of changing leaves in Memphis only comes once a year. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the new scenery just because you forgot to protect your outdoor lighting fixtures. Consult an expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis today to make sure you’ve got everything you need to show off your home this coming season.

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