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Holiday lighting is almost as much a part of the holiday season as family and friends, giving and receiving, and food and laughter.  When you think of the holiday season, I bet some type of string lighting comes to mind.  That has traditionally been one of the most popular types of holiday lighting.  And, while traditions are comforting, there is something new in string lighting that may make your season brighter.

LED, or light emitting diode, is becoming an extremely popular choice, especially in outdoor holiday lighting.  Let me give you 5 reasons why LEDs are trending now:

  • LED Lights are extremely energy-efficient. You can save up to 90% or more in energy costs compared to traditional incandescent holiday lights.    While the initial investment may be a little higher, the savings in energy quickly make up for it.  And, who wouldn’t like to save a little cash, especially during the holiday season.
  • LEDs are cool to the touch and could be considered much safer because of this.  The air and our surroundings are very dry during the cooler months of the year.  LED strands will not overheat like incandescent can.
  • LED lights are durable and will last much longer.  Most holiday LEDs last up to 20,000 hours and if one bulb does burn out or is broken, the rest of the strand will stay lit.  No more replacing strands in the middle of the season or even yearly, LEDs will last for years.
  • LEDs use less power; therefore, it is much safer to connect multiple strands together without the fear of overloading the circuit.  You won’t have to worry about moving items to get to your circuit box to reset the breaker.
  • LEDs shine brighter than incandescent lights and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Whether you favor small strand lights or the larger C9’s, LEDs are available in both types as well as a variety of colors.

So when you think of hanging lights outside your home this holiday season, consider starting a new trend with LEDs.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis has a variety to choose from and we’re ready to hang them for you.  Give us a call and we’ll design an entire holiday outdoor lighting plan in time for the holidays.

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