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With our knowledge of outdoor lighting, we can transform your home’s appearance in one day!

Throughout the years, several outdoor lighting companies have sprung up in our area. In many cases, landscaping companies began implementing outdoor lighting as an add-on service. In the wake of the 2008 near total collapse of the economy, largely profitable landscaping jobs became few and far between. This led several, but not all, landscaping companies to begin moonlighting as outdoor lighting service providers. Now that the economy is on the rebound, we have noticed that the landscaping companies in our area have begun to neglect their maintenance plans with their original installs.

outdoor lighting in memphis tennessee

We carry nearly all fixtures on all of our trucks. If yours burns out or gets damaged, we’ll be there to replace it the same day!

We receive numerous calls to service our so called “competition’s” lighting fixtures. It seems as if the landscaping companies have forgotten the golden rule of customer service. We are happy to correct their mistakes and ensure the highest quality of customer service. When any of our customers sign on to our maintenance plan, you can be assured that your lighting fixtures will be maintained and if there is ever a problem, we will more than likely resolve the problem the same day. Simply put, nobody in our area can compete with our quality of customer service, quality of products and fixtures and our expertise when it comes to outdoor lighting. When searching outdoor lighting Memphis, TN, keep in mind that we focus on outdoor lighting 100% of the time. We don’t do anything else!

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Our dedication to our customers is unrivaled. Call us today to see what truly separates us from the competition!

Unlike other companies in our area, when it comes to our warranties and maintenance, we are miles ahead of our competition. Whereas with other companies and you have a light fixture break or get damaged you’ll need to get the new fixture shipped and you’ll have days without that fixture, we on the other hand carry nearly all fixtures on our trucks. If your lighting fixture is broken or damaged and is under our excellent warranty, then we can resolve the issue the same day more than likely. To truly see what separates us from the outdoor lighting competition in Memphis, Tennessee, visit our website, fill out the form to the upper right, or call us at (901) 854-7111.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


John Bowers
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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