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The holidays help us focus on the good that's in the world.

The holidays help us focus on the good that’s in the world.

Sometimes, I look around at our modern world and realize it is full of depressing stuff – diseases, natural disasters, violence, and economic peril. It is very easy to focus on all that is bad in our world, but thankfully, we have the holiday season. During the holidays more folks than normal choose to focus on the good stuff – generosity, community, family, and peace. The holidays serve to remind us that even though humans perpetuate a lot of pain and injustice we have the potential to be gracious, charitable, and improve the lives we touch. The holidays bring us together, and together, we are capable of making our communities, country, and world a better place for everyone.


As you make your plans, bake sweets, and wrap packages for your family, ask yourself what you are doing for those outside your close-knit group. Let’s share the spirit of our holidays with everyone we come in contact with over the next few weeks. That could mean volunteering as a family in a soup kitchen or toy drive. It could mean leaving a much larger than expected tip, or helping someone who is struggling carry their packages. There are many small things we can do this season for others, and many of those, like carrying packages or holding the door open for someone, don’t even cost a penny. They only require that we take the time to think of someone else and help them out.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis wishes you the best holiday season this year!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis wishes you the best holiday season this year!

We here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis wish you and your family a season and new year filled with peace, togetherness, and generosity. We hope that our neighbors both near and far can manage to hold on to the holiday spirit all through 2015. If we are able to keep thinking of others and hang onto our holiday generosity, we really can make a positive difference in the lives of those around us. So won’t you join us in making the lives of others better this season and this coming year?


So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and warm holiday wishes for whatever holiday you may be celebrating this December. We hope your season is merry and bright and pray for peace on earth and goodwill to all.


John Bowers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis


John Bowers
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Memphis

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